Hope for the rhino

My horn is getting bigger, please don’t let anyone take from me.

They are being killed, in ever increasing numbers, for their horn. Worse still, the way they are killed is most often a painful and suffering death.

(Photo credit: richard Miller)

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Pretty things

I admit: I like pretty things. I also find inspiration in things that are not pretty, but today I like pretty things.

There’s a man, a very special man. His name is Rocky Braat.


Rocky anna


There’s a man, a very special man. His name is Rocky Braat.

Blood Brother

A beautiful documentary feature directed by Rocky’s longtime friend Steve Hoover traces Rocky’s story of working in the village of Tamil Nadu, India since five years to present. The film illustrates his commitment to the children and their families who face life and death situations on a daily basis.
All Filmmaker Proceeds Are Donated to the Children Seen in the Film and to HIV/AIDS Initiatives.

Watch it, get inspired and please share. <3

Hope for The Rhino


No one needs the rhino horn, except the rhino itself.

“When the buying stops, so will the killing!” - Dr. Richard Carroll, WWF president


A wonderful and important quote from a very special man.

Know yourself

Isolation is a way to know ourself.
- Franz Kafka 

Hope for The Rhino


Where there is life, there is hope. Where there is hope, there is life.

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Luscious lips.

Who said size matter? I’m all about sexiness and proportions!